Our Services 

CIC Resources provides the following services to its clients:

The Advisory Service
The advisory services to be provided by the Company cover a range of technical (including operational improvements and geological survey and report preparation), translation, project management, strategic and commercial services. The Company also uses, and intends to use, its technical knowledge and its informal network of relationships to assist client companies in the selection of suitable third party advisers, as appropriate, in respect of services such as technical services (for example, engineers and/or geologists) and legal, accounting, tax, corporate finan ce and broking advice.

As consideration for these services, the Company seeks to earn up to 49 per cent. of the issued share capital in the client company as well as a periodic retainer fee depending on a number of factors including the level of service, Company resources used, deal size, complexity and timeframe to realisation. In order for the Company to have a degree of control on the timeframe to realisation of the equity interest it receives in client companies it intends to have, where appropriate, the exclusive right to assist in facilitating a public listing/offering as part of the advisory service agreement.

The Strategic Investment Service
Through its extensive informal network of relationships in the PRC, the Directors believe the Company is well positioned to assist junior mining and energy infrastructure companies to obtain strategic investments from potential industry partners. The form of strategic investment may include an equity stake, a partnership, a merger or an acquisition.

The Directors believe that this is an area of substantial growth potential for the Company. There has been much publicity surrounding investment by Chinese entities seeking a global business footprint in mineral assets, and securing, through their investments, the off-take rights to commodities.

Advising on listings
A key tenet of the Company's offering is the ability to help client companies realise value through a listing on a stock exchange. Although the Company is not regulated to advise on the actual listing or any associated fundraising, through its extensive network of adviser contacts and its internal team of employees and consultants, the Company is able to provide pre-IPO and IPO consultancy and advisory services which are intended to facilitate private client companies to position and prepare themselves to achieve an efficient and cost effective public listing. Depending on the requirements of the client companies, an equity offering may take place in conjunction with any listing. However, there is no guarantee that any such listings or other transactions will be achieved.

As part of the advisory service agreement with clients, the Company intends to agree to, directly or indirectly, assist the client company to obtain a public listing and in consideration for the services to be provided by the Company, that client company would grant to the Company (or any of its subsidiaries at that time), an option or warrant (the "Warrant") to acquire up to 49 per cent of the shares of the client company for a nominal price.

In the Directors' opinion, this service offering is distinct and offers a competitive advantage over the main stream approach.