Our Company 

CIC Mining Resources Ltd. is a consulting and advisory company, operating primarily in the mining and energy infrastructure sectors. The Company seeks to provide consulting and advisory services to entities operating at various stages of resource development. The Company has an informal network of private mining companies in the PRC and also within the wider international mining community, in particular South Africa and Australia.

The Company was incorporated in Canada and listed on the CNSX in 2004 and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2007, with its operations based in Beijing, PRC. Since 2005, when the current executive management took control of the business, it has been headquartered in Beijing. The Company believes that some of its informal network of contacts with private mining companies can provide a potential source of funding or expansion for the Company's client companies and are a potential client base for consulting and advisory projects offered to the Company in other parts of the world.

The Company seeks to assist in finding pre-IPO funding for its client companies and to assist them in identifying suitable potential investors and/or strategic partners, including from the Company's Chinese shareholder base and other PRC mining contacts seeking investment in their sector of expertise outside of China.

CIC's proposed target client companies include local private mining, exploration and production companies in the PRC, and other mining and exploration companies in Africa, South America and Australia, and the Directors expect this client base to grow further over time. The Company and its Directors inlend to use their collective prior experience and informal network of contacts in the mining and energy infrastructure sectors to grow the business.

Through the provision of the Company's advisory and consulting services the Company intends to:

i) help client companies prepare for the next stage in their development both in relation to the exploitation of     their assets and also in their corporate activities including assisting in finding pre-IPO funding, IPO or     secondary fundraising, or by partnering with a member the Company's informal network of contacts; and
ii) provide extensive expertise and human resources in public company listing and compliance in North      America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

In consideration for the Company's provision of its advisory and consulting services, the Company seeks to receive either marketable securities (if the client company is publicly listed) or equity in the form of shares, options or warrants (if the client company is unlisted) in its client companies and, where appropriate, cash fees. The Company intends to seek the exclusive right to control the public listing process of any client company if the client company is an unlisted company. Involvement in the future listing process is a key feature of the Company's value proposition and the services it offers, which also aim to allow the Company to maximise the effective value of the consideration it receives.