About Us

CIC Capital is primarily focused on advising clients in the mining and energy infrastructure sectors. Its principal business activities include:

Corporate Advisory

Providing corporate advisory services using the technical knowledge, experience and informal network of contacts of its board members and staff to corporate clients. This may include, for example, advice in connection with the selection of suitable third party advisers in respect of services such as technical services and legal, accounting, tax, corporate finance and broking advice. In addition, CIC Capital also advises clients in sourcing pre-IPO funding, as well as identifying suitable potential investors and/or strategic partners. Therefore the Company acts as an adviser, which is its primary objective.

Technical Advisory

CIC Capital also provides technical advisory and consulting services ranging from providing technical advice, including geological, survey and report preparation; project management services; and strategic and commercial services. Together alongside these technical advisory services CIC Capital provides technical input such as sourcing consulting engineers and/or geologists where necessary.

Corporate and M&A Broking

CIC Capital advises and assists clients in obtaining strategic investment from potential industry partners utilising the board and management’s existing network of contacts in Asia and elsewhere. The strategic investments that CIC Capital would introduce include institutional funders, private equity, strategic industry stake holders or partnerships. Furthermore, such investments may be by way of mergers or acquisitions involving partners introduced by the Company.

Advice on IPOs/Listings

The board and management of CIC Capital believe that one of its key strengths lies in its ability to help clients identify suitable stock exchanges for listing in order to realise value and raise capital, in conjunction with advising the client on how best to prepare for listing. Whilst CIC Capital is not itself regulated to advise any clients on the actual listing or any associated fundraising, through its network of adviser contacts and its internal team of employees and consultants, the Company is able to introduce appropriate advisers to provide IPO advisory services to its clients to facilitate a public listing.

Business model and fees

In return for providing the above services CIC Capital receives fees which are invoiced. These fees are negotiated with clients and may be in the form of cash or shares. On occasions where the board and management deem that CIC Capital services will significantly add value, CIC Capital will seek payment in part or in whole in the form of securities in, or rights to subscribe for securities in the client to which it is providing services. The nature of engagements with clients govern the level of fees payable in securities, which will in turn be contingent upon a number of factors, including the scope and level of services provided, Company resources used, deal size, complexity, timeframe to realisation and the value CIC Capital has added. These payments may be in the form or ordinary shares or warrants. In instances where CIC Capital is receiving securities in lieu of cash for the provision of its services, these will generally be allotted and issued to CIC Capital at the commencement of the advisory contract. If the contract were not to be completed, or terminated for any reason, then the allotted securities will be, subject to legal requirements, returned to the client or transferred as a client directs.